Committee Members

Graham Hill, Chairman

Ice Miller Strategies

Deborah Sundquist O'Malley, Legal Counsel

Gilberti, Stizano, Heintz & Smith, P.C.

315 442-0100

GUDC is accepting applications for Commercial Building Consensus Committee CBCC, which will approve, revise and interpret the Universal Design Standards for Commercial Building. We need consumers, design experts, legislators, federal agencies, manufacturers, sales people, building owners, developers, and professionals like you representing various interest groups to come together as a consensus body. The CBCC will revise the standards until consensus is reached and the first-ever Universal Design Standards can be unveiled.

Current CBCC Members:

If you know people interested in becoming a member of the CBCC, please email us at for more information and an application.

*With the exception of Edward Steinfeld, staff members of the IDeA Center, University at Buffalo, SUNY, will support Committee activities but will not have a vote during ballots.