BBI Chairman Blanck Quoted In Bloomberg News On "Blind Workers" And "Online Hiring Systems"

August 22, 2018

BBI Chairman and University Professor Peter Blanck said today in Bloomberg news in regard to “blind workers” and “online hiring systems: "Attitudes about inclusion is the real problem," Blanck said. Jobs-page "accessibility is just a symptom." 

Peter BlanckBlanck is chairman of Syracuse University's Burton Blatt Institute and the author of several books on disabilities laws, including e-quality: The struggle for web accessibility by people with cognitive disabilities. Blanck also said: "How many employers don't have fully accessible online job application systems? One of every four is a good "rough estimate," Professor Peter Blanck of Syracuse University told Bloomberg Law. "Most Fortune 500 and other large employers have fully functioning job sites, so the problem is usually with smaller employers", he said.

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